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December 22, 2008


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Am totally loving your work. Would love to learn what you learnt this year - what a wonderful year you've had. Can I ask what you have in your kit? What camera - lens... etc. Just WOW!!!


Wow Ainslie!!! I kinda feel like I am "stalking" you but I have learnt so much from your both your blog and your posts over at ILP. Thank you so much for sharing so much of what you have been learning. I look forward to seeing... (not stalking ;-)) much more of your work in 2009. Hope you have a wonderful break (enjoy that wine) - Merry Christmas!!



Thanks guys :-)

Gabby I stalk people ALL the time, no need for appologies :-) I am looking forward to 2009 also!

Katherine- I use a 5d ( I have an old one and now also a mark ii !!) all canon lenses, a 135mm L 2.0 lens, 70-200 2.8 L , and 24-70 2.8 L - My next purchse is a 85mm 1.2 L lens - I love good glass :-)


Thank you for sharing your kit info. I am dying to get a Mark II - you lucky thing. You must be special to already have one - they are very hard to get. Ohh your lenses - wow....Once again - LOVE your work and look forward to seeing what 2009 brings you.


they are all lovely... hope to some day take such great photos as you! :)


Ainslie I love your work, you are fantastic! I check your blog weekly just to see what you are up to.(another stalker)I look forward to you capturing some more beautiful shots in 2009.


Hi again Ainslie - I noticed you are a brisbane girl too (how exciting!)and I would love to know where do you go to get your camera equipment ie lens etc. Where I go doens't seem to able to stock anything lately. Would love your advice on this one please. Thanks!

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