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One-Line Bio

I am a Brisbane based family photographer


A little about me

My name is Ainslie I am a mum of three gorgeous children, 18, 16 & 4 !

I Have a studio on the South east side of Brisbane, although I work on location all over Brisbane!

When I asked my hubby to define me as a person for my about me page, he said arty, creative, funny and loving. I hope I am all of these things!

I chose my photography name because that is what I admire most about Children . The Wild abandoned spirit of a child . The light and laughter!

I simply love capturing the moments that count

My Experience

I come from a family of photographers! I have been involved with photography for a very long time - seriously for 3 years.
I had a love and passion for photography as an early adult, but left behind my photographic studies to follow a love of travel!
When I picked up a camera again as a Mother and older adult , I began by having 12 months of personal (re) tutoring with a very generous and talented photographer.
When I was ready, I then began my career by capturing adults in glamour and boudoir photography ( online under Lush photography!) .
After two years I felt a little confined, being in my studio constantly, and looked to find another avenue for my love of photography, one that allowed me some more fun and freedom.
Wild Spirit Photography really all started when I was asked to take photographs of a clients child at the beach. From day one, it was LOVE!


Photography Dogs - especially my loveable rottweiler baby rakhan Time with my family Summer in Queensland reading when i have time!